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Faceted Labradorite Studs Copper

Faceted Labradorite Studs Copper

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This lovely pair of Faceted Labradorite earrings will add to your naturalistic, rustic, and charming personal look. The copper holds the Labradorite in place, giving it an organic look, and accentuating its natural beauty. Made with Stainless Steel backings.

Strength, Transformation, Intuition
The ‘Temple of the Stars.’ It can help you to traverse changes, attracting strength, perseverance and provide clarity to psychic sight. Offering one patience and a sense of perfect timing. Labradorite is a stone of transformation. It clears balances and protects your aura, reduces stress and attracts success. It helps provide clarity and insight into your destiny.
Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo

Copper is a grounding metal that is known for bringing balance and amplifying energy. Copper is known to increase your mental agility and focus.

||All orders come with a hand-stamped organic cotton jewelry bag & jewelry box, for safe storage or gift giving.||

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