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Dainty Copper Coffee Bean Necklace

Dainty Copper Coffee Bean Necklace

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You will receive a necklace similar to the one photographed above.

This rustic Copper Coffee Bean Necklace was handcrafted with care to create this one-of-a-kind piece. There will never be two the exact same. The process that we undergo to make these are quite time consuming ranging from 8 hours- 32 hours. We undergo many steps to craft these to perfection. We finish the copper pieces by adding a patina, tumbling the pieces,and then completing a final polish to get the desired texture and tone, lastly the pendants are dipped into a clear coat lacquer to seal the metal.

We used a real coffee bean from Panther Coffee located in Wynwood, Miami. We cover these beans in Copper and accent them with a dainty 1.3 mm 14K Rose Gold Filled chain. This is perfect for a daily worn necklace, but of course if you want to preserve this for a long time I would suggest taking the piece off while submerging in water for long periods of time.

Need a different length? Send us a message and we'll begin crafting a unique jewel just for you!

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